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Hello and welcome to my big cartel page. This will be the place to purchase my original illustration work. The idea is to create a wide array of original black and white drawings from daily doodles to more complex work. The plan is to create original work that is affordable at any budget. My daily doodles will be on the lower end and the more complex work will vary from image to image. All images come with free shipping in North America and I have suggested prices outside of North America but this is ballpark. You may live in very remote spot where shipping is more expensive so I may ask to split that additional cost with you. All prices are in US dollars. 

All orders will ship in the middle and end of the month so you won't have to wait any longer than two weeks before it's dropped in the mail. If you purchase more than one image of course shipping will be free in NA, if you are outside of NA add the highest shipping rate only and I'll bundle the images together. No need to pay for multiple shipping rates. 

Last but not least, I have to process the removal of a sold drawing manually so if two people purchase the same image before I've had a chance to remove it it will go to the first purchaser and I will refund the second purchaser's paypal payment in full toot sweet like. Hopefully this all runs smoothly. :)  

I hope you find something interesting that won't put too big a dent in your pocket book.

Oh, and I'm not taking on any commissions at the moment. That may change and I will update if and when it does. 

Thank you and happy shopping!